A Dog’s Dinner of Customer Experience

In the interest of convenience, I recently tried to find a dog food delivery service. I was looking for a service that carries the products I need for my dog, and that will automatically deliver them to my home on a regular basis.


Through a web search, I found a company that seemed perfect. I placed an order. The confirmation I received was from ‘Info’ so I didn’t recognise it at first, but I didn’t think much of that at the time. My order was delivered as expected and I thought this task was completed.

Just before my next delivery was due, it occurred to me that I hadn’t received confirmation of my first order, much less confirmation of my next order. I looked through my email Inbox (remember that ‘info’ in the Sender field?)  I had received absolutely nothing from Dog Food Delivery Co (not their real name). When I got the original order, there had been no paperwork: no receipt, no brochure with their name on it, no business card with their phone number. I also had not received any email asking if I was happy with my order, or providing information about placing another order. NOTHING. 

Was my first order automatically turned into a standing order? I didn’t remember seeing an option to choose ‘standing order’ so I thought probably it wasn’t. Which meant I was not going to get more dog food the next day.

I could not remember the name of the company (because they had not made themselves visible to me in any way since my first order was placed!) so I went back to scrolling through my Inbox looking for something helpful in the ‘Sender’ column. (There’s that ‘Info’ in the Sender field again!?) I found nothing. Then I started searching in my Inbox: dog food, raw food, dog food delivery…each brought no results. Eventually, I had to go back to Google and begin my search all over again. I did end up finding the same company. I almost wish I hadn’t.

Annoyed at how difficult it had been to re-find them, I rang Dog Food Delivery Co. to ask about the status of my next order. The man on the phone explained they send out a text the day before the next delivery in my area. I would be receiving a text that very day reminding me to place an order. (Better hope you’re not busy working that day!) He also told me that they don’t send email confirmations with the content of your order because they aren’t necessary.

Let me be clear: he said “No, we don’t (send that in an email) as they are not necessary.” He also repeated this same statement to me in the email he sent with my requested copy of my previous order.

Not necessary for whom? What information do your clients need and want? And do you give it to them?

By the time I received the email with a copy of my (“unnecessary”) order confirmation, Dog Food Delivery Co. had already lost me as a client. And I never did receive that text asking me to place an order for the next scheduled delivery date!

Luckily Toby didn’t get sick eating store-bought kibble for 3 days. That’s how long it took me to find a different company that would deliver to my home.

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