Forging unbreakable bonds between you and your customers.

Introducing Luna CX Consulting

Luna CX works with select, purpose-driven businesses that are looking to reach their next level of success. We work with purpose-driven (rather than publicly held) businesses because these are the businesses that are integrated into our communities. Luna CX is founded on the principle that the purpose-driven business is critical to the fabric of society and the belief that we can help them remain successful in the face of an ever-growing, globally influenced economy.

We are so excited to be open for business in the Garden of England! Meet Barbara and Luna Customer Experience Consulting.


About Luna Customer Experience

About Barbara

Bringing experience and passion to Kent business.

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What is Customer Experience?

Creative strategies for an exceptional customer experience.

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The Mission

We are not going to the moon, though that would be quite fun!

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Our Services


Creating an exceptional Customer Experience is rooted in how YOU, the business owner, think about your products/services and your customers.

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The VIP Growth Package

I will look at every aspect of your customers’ journey, evaluate how well it speaks to AND IMPRESSES your clients, and identify where you can improve—turning your existing clients into rabid fans. While I’m doing that, I will teach YOU how to do this yourself going forward- giving you the tools & skills to do what I do over and over again- future-phis proofing your business.

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Style Guide Creation

Consistency is a huge part of an exceptional Customer Experience.

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Website Review

Understanding where your website loses its effectiveness & clarity for your clients is critical to delivering a solid online Customer Experience.

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Moon Spies

Moon Spies is a mystery shopper experience for your Kent, UK restaurant. We will help you confirm that your Customer Experience is being delivered properly and consistently. We will also identify those areas that are not delivering the customer retention you want. We’ll even help you make changes to improve, if you wish.

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