Website Review

With 16+ years of professional usability experience, I can look at your website with the proper vision. Understanding where your website loses its effectiveness & clarity for your clients is critical to delivering a solid online Customer Experience. Here’s how Luna CX can help you. My website review packages include the following services:

Proofreading & copy edits: Content that clearly & concisely reflects your business keeps your website clients on the path towards their goal: purchasing your products/services. Sloppy mistakes, lack of clarity and missing information are all content issues that distract potential clients from the thing that matters: purchasing. Proofreading and editing copy is sometimes all you need to improve your Customer Experience, but often the content creator is too close to the words to provide a proper editing perspective. I provide proofreading and editing on a per-page basis or as part of any website review package.

Usability review & support: How quickly and easily a website visitor finds what they are looking for is THE critical component of your website Customer Experience. The path you provide to get your clients through the search & purchase processes must be smooth and without confusion. The technical soundness of your pages must be without error. I provide varying levels of usability review based on the size and complexity of your site.

Usability testing: having an appropriate audience experience your website and provide feedback is a valuable way to determine what is and is not working on your website – where your site needs improvement, and where it is actually accomplishing your goals. I can carry out all aspects of user-based tests including acquiring/selecting your test audience, providing test scenarios, conducting usability tests & collecting data, and evaluating feedback and collected data.

  • a Brand & Goal review which provides feedback on the effectiveness of branding based on documented goals as provided by my clients.
  • A Suggested Changes document that maps your agreed-upon changes to your website structure and can be provided directly to your web developer
  • An entry-level Style Guide based on existing branding decisions

Website Review packages start at just £199

The main factors in determining the cost of a website review are which services you require and the size of your website. Please contact me for more information and a quote.