Introducing The Luna Method

Everyone remembers an impeccable customer experience, but they’re more likely to tell their friends when a customer experience has gone wrong. That’s why businesses must take customer experience seriously.

Creating an exceptional Customer Experience is rooted in what YOU, the business owner, think about your products/services and customers. If you connect well with your customers, you’ll see improvements to your bottom line!

That’s where my Masterclass can help. I can teach you to change how you think about your business- by connecting with your customers.

Introducing The Luna Method

The best way to create stronger relationships between you and your customers is to review your business, identifying where your connection is strong and where there is room for improvement. All of us are close to our companies, working in them every day, so sometimes it can be hard to see the wood for the trees or even to know where the wood is. That’s where The Luna Method can help!

The Luna Method

The Luna Method is a three-part masterclass. Each class lasts 90 minutes, meaning that it doesn’t take much time out of your working week. However, in those 90 minutes, you’ll receive eye-opening simple and practical advice on how you can improve your customers’ experiences.

These insights all come from my experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, pulling on the lessons I’ve learnt over my career. Think of it as an investment into learning invaluable customer experience lessons from a seasoned expert for just £295.

Your Masterclass includes:

  • 3 Ninety-minute sessions over Zoom
  • 1 pre-class prep session (Zoom or phone) – a 30-minute consultation with Barbara- optional
  • 1 post-class support session (Zoom or phone) – a 60-minute consultation with Barbara- optional
  • 1-month group support – a private Facebook group where you discuss ideas & suggestions with classmates
  • 1 Luna Method workbook, including worksheets and tracking documents
  • 30 days access to private consulting via email
  • 30 days of access to recorded sessions

Masterclass – £295 per person

Classes are limited to 10 people. (Group discounts available.)

The next Masterclass is in September 2022. Please click here and fill in the Contact form to let me know you are interested.