What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience, quite simply, is how you make your clients feel.

There are so many business terms, used by giant consulting organisations all over the world, that make the concept seem complicated and out-of-reach for the purpose-driven business. But it is not complicated. Customer Experience, or CX, is simply the plans and strategies you use to create the lasting impression your clients have regarding your business.

The advancement of technology, the globalisation of markets — these things have changed how people do business, to be sure. The ease of access to products, the incredibly reduced shipping times — these factors have immensely increased the average consumer’s options for purchasing. But what will bring a customer back to your business time and time again? What do customers tell their friends about your company, even when no one is asking?

CX is the practice of pre-planning the interaction between your customer and your business. This includes premises and facilities, person-to-person exchanges, and correspondence (electronic and on paper). Client interactions can be online or face to face. They don’t even have to include you or any member of your staff — they can be your client alone.