Imagine being handed the tools and knowledge that give you the power to pinpoint what works in your business and what needs improvement. The skillset that helps you identify where your clients’ buying journeys might end up on a detour and shows you how to guide them back to the right path.

Introducing the CX VIP Programme

The CX VIP Programme pulls in my decades of expertise in customer experience and passes it on to you. Think of it as the ultimate guide for turning your existing clients into rabid fans!

Together we’ll look at every aspect of your customers’ journey, from the minute they discover you through to your relationship after they’ve purchased.

Here’s what you can expect from becoming a CX VIP:

You’ll receive a full evaluation of your existing Customer Experience, including but not limited to:

  • Anonymous client feedback research (find out what they really think about your service),
  • Targeted client feedback research (who is your ideal customer and what do they think?),
  • Formal website usability testing (is it easy for your customers to buy from you online?).

Once we’ve studied and digested our evaluations, we’ll then focus on the strategies that you need to improve your customers’ experiences. Some of the things we’ll look at together include:

  • Non-numerical data evaluation (how do we evaluate customer feedback?),
  • Key phase suggestions where we identify your customers’ churn points (those are the moments when they decide not to buy from you),
  • Implementation of any processes, including introduction to processes and technology that you may need help in implementing.

Being a CX VIP puts you in the driving seat to improving the way your clients and customers see your business, giving you the project ownership that you need to make achievable and realistic changes.

This package starts at £4000.
A formal price quote after a short conference between you and Luna CX.
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