Moon Spies

As the owner of a restaurant, you simply cannot be front of house every minute.

You must be able to trust your staff to deliver the Customer Experience you have designed – faithfully and flawlessly.

Want to know if this is happening? Look at your repeat business.

Another way? Spy!

The results of a Moon Spy can be used to reward and recognise performance as well as identify areas that need improvement.

Moon Spies are...

  • A purpose-built system based on 4 decades of experience in food service and retail
  • Based on our proprietary 40+ point questionnaire (completed by each Diner)
  • Customisable for your specific establishment
  • Designed to identify areas of strength as well as areas for improvement

Moon Spies is a mystery shopper experience for your Kent, UK restaurant. We help you confirm that your Customer Experience is being delivered properly and consistently. We also identify those areas that are not delivering the customer retention you want. We even help you make changes to improve, if you wish.


The prices listed do not include the price of meals purchased. This would be arranged prior to your scheduled Spy based on your menu prices.

Spy reports do not include a food critique, although some basic questions about the food served is included in the questionnaire.

Here are our Spy packages:

The Mega Spy
Starting at - £1750

Everything included in the Main +

The Main Moon Spy
Starting at - £999

Everything included in the Mini +

  • 2 (additional) Experiences (min2 diners at each) For a total of 3 experience and 6 diners (minimum)
  • 6 written reviews including testimonial/constructive feedback- one from each Spy
  • 2 (additional) reports
  • Detailed accounting of areas of success including any potential staff recognition
  • Detailed accounting of specific areas of concern- providing full details on the experience and/or improvement recommendations.

The Mini Moon Spy
Starting at - £399

  • 1 Experience (min 2 Spies)
  • 40+ point questionnaire (1 from each diner)
  • 1 formal report including: * professional evaluation of results * noted areas of success * noted areas for improvement
  • 2 (Minimum) progress suggestions

ALL testimonials obtained (with name credits and rights to use for your marketing materials)

This is the ideal package if you have a particular shift that you want to focus on.

About your Spies

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Live in the local area (within 30 miles)
  • Selected based on YOUR customer profile
  • Discreet
  • Trained appropriately

Additions to a Spy

The KJ – A Client-led evaluation & planning

An easy, tech-free way to look at all feedback given and decide, among staff members, the best changes to make for improvement.

The KJ is a proven method to make improvements that both grow the business AND increase staff retention.

Before you read the list, I suggest you just email me if you are interested. A KJ is one of those things that is hard to explain but VERY EASY to implement.

Here’s what you get.

A Luna CX consultant to:-

  • Help you plan the process with your Staff
  • Teach you and your staff how the process works
  • Facilitate the actual staff participation section of the KJ
  • Gather all final information resulting from the KJ

A full report on the KJ results – a clear plan for your business to make the improvements determined necessary by you and your Staff.

KJ pricing depends on the size of your staff, but begins at £999.


You can work directly with me to evaluate the results of your Moon Spy.

Based on your business plan & customer profile,I will help you identify the changes needed to create a stronger Customer Experience and increase your customer retention.

Consulting is charged at an hourly rate.