Style Guide Creation

Consistency is a huge part of an exceptional Customer Experience.

As you develop your brand and your business, you make a lot of (seemingly small) decisions about things like fonts, style of images to use, product naming, how links appear on your website, where different types of information are placed, colours, even specific words to use and not use. These decisions are all part of your branding and they permeate through your entire business (at least, they should!).

As your business grows and evolves, these decisions can be lost or forgotten. A Style Guide keeps these decisions in one place, so everyone involved-- content creators, web developers, your sales & marketing people-- knows where to find answers and guidelines as they work.

Creating a new business card or banner? Send your printer your Style Guide. Updates to your website with a new web developer? Hiring a virtual assistant? Your Style Guide saves you hours of time and stress because you can simply share the document and

A basic, introductory-level Style Guide is included in all Web Site Review packages.